Elektrijada 2023

International gathering of electrical engineering students, better known as “Elektrijada”, is the largest annual get-together of electrical engineering students in Europe.

This five-day program has traditionally been taking place at attractive tourist destinations throughout the former Yugoslavia since 1960; this year the host city being Ohrid.

“Elektrijada” is well-known for its programs that promote all spheres of active student life - from scientific work, knowledge and sports competitions, to educational programs, entertainment and socializing.

Our company, MDS Informatički Inženjering, is often a first choice for numerous graduates from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and many of them are a part of our team today.This is why we have decided to support the event as a general sponsor this year, with over 2,000 participants from 30 faculties Europe-wide.

It was an honor to be introduced to these young and ambitious people who, after completing their studies, will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in various industries, one of which will definitely be IT.

Thank you #Elektrijada for the cooperation and companionship.
See you next year!