Data Center solutions

In cooperation with leading world manufacturers of systems and devices for Data Center Infrastructure, MDS offers complete Data Center is a heart of each company, as it contains all the critical data and manages services vital to a company’s business.

The solutions offered by MDS are an ideal platform for work and support a smooth growth of the company’s business.

Some of the world-renowned manufacturers of Data Center equipment whose systems and devices are the basis for MDS’s solutions are: Cisco, Dell, HPE, and VMware.

The solutions offered

MDS offers a wide range of solutions that can suit any business model and specific user requirements regarding Data Center Infrastructure:


Implementation and support services for premium server systems, whether it is tower, rack, blade or hyperconverged concept.

Storage infrastructure

Implementation and support services for premium storage solutions, whether it is NAS, Block or Unified concept.

SAN (Storage Area Network) infrastructure

Instalacija, konfiguracija i servisiranje SAN infrastrukture, bilo da je u pitanju Fibre Channel, iSCSI ili FCoE koncept.

Virtualization platform

Large number of successful projects related to virtualization of Server, Storage and Network infrastructure.

Replication solutions.

Implementation and support services for Data Replication solutions, whether it is block based or VM based replication. Special part of the portfolio is reserved for implementing solutions that enable Active-Active Data Centers.  

Backup solutions

Implementation and support services for Enterprise Class backup solutions. Portfolio includes Enterprise Backup Applications and advanced Systems for storing backed-up data.