About Us

Our company is made up of a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals, responsible for providing the clients with suitable solutions and services from various fields of information and communication technologies.

Knowledge and experience of our engineers is what differentiates MDS from other companies in this field.

Through mutual trust and cooperation, we help our end-users meet their goals and needs.

Introducing the team of highly motivated professionals who provide their users with the top-quality solutions from telecommunications and information technologies.
Due to continuous improvement of our employees, we provide our customers with high-quality services; this enables us to keep a leading position on the market.


Company Certificates

  Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2015


Information Security ManagementSystem



Protection of Personal Data

In everyday operations, MDS collects and processes personal data of all our current and prospective users and business partners. While respecting the valid legal norms defined by the Law on Personal Data Protection, MDS pays particular attention to proper handling, processing and protection of all sensitive personal data.

Information on processing the personal data



MDS has active operations in domestic market, as well as in the markets of former Yugoslav republics, and the EU. We are implementing various projects in ICT sectors:

Balkan region

100+ companies including:

EU region:

Social responsibility

MDS has acquired its status of a socially responsible company through partnership with its users on domestic and foreign markets, as well as its regard for the employees and entire society. We return a part of our profits to the community through various donations and sponsorship programs, with a special focus on younger generation, as well as the children with special needs.