SP network infrastructure

A key part of any communication is connectivity, and a basis of connectivity is network.

Communications, involving internet access, mobile telephony, television or critically important business communications, are created in a joint transmission of data via reliable and performant network infrastructure. Its design is a foundation for providing new and future services in providers' networks. Its maintenance ensures reliability and good performance of services. Its automation cuts the time and IT human resources needed for swift provision of the existing and new services and applications.

A modern SP network infrastructure consists of:

The solutions offered

MPLS networks

Multi-protocol label switching enables creating network solutions for large companies and service providers that have significantly better performances, scalability, bandwidth usage and service variety than traditional networks based on IP routing. MPLS networks enable reliable transport of applications that require real-time transmission. This allows applying the solutions for distribution of audio and video content, as well as transport of management information of sensitive industrial systems. MPLS provides security thanks to application of MPLS VPN technology.

ISP networks

Solutions focused on Internet backbone, peering, and edge networks for providing ISP services

Service Provider WiFi

Solutions for SP WiFi, with fixed and mobile network integration, AAA solutions and 3rd party web portals


Orchestration and automation of network services and business processes in SP networks

DDoS Protection

Denial of Service attacks are targeted at key resources and customer services so as to make them unavailable and cause business damage. Highly distributed sources of attack hide the real perpetrators, thus directing the focus on protecting their own network. Traffic monitoring and analytics are key elements of the DDoS attack detection, while sophisticated network elements can identify good and discard bad traffic, providing unhindered services under protection. When the resources of protection system are not sufficient, advanced protection mechanisms are available for the entire network, as well as involvement of the cloud security system.

Advanced DDoS protection includes:

The solutions offered

Service Provider DDoS

Automatic detection of DDoS attack, solutions for out-of-path attack mitigation (defense), scrubbing centers for cleaning the traffic from attack and enabling continuous work of protected services.


Automatic detection of DDoS attack, in-line attack mitigation (defense).

Cloud DDoS

Cloud solutions for defense from DDoS attack, combined with SP DDoS or Enterprise DDoS solutions.


Analysis of traffic for entire network, normal flows, loads, as well as forensics of DDoS attack.