Cyber Security solutions

Cyber Security Solutions are used for protecting the IT systems and data from Cyber Security attacks. Technologies and techniques used by cyber criminals are constantly improving. Given the various attack tactics, the risks for a company's business and reputation are rising. Attack goals can be different and include resources within the company’s network, as well as the services and resources in the Cloud.

MDS CyberSecurity solutions include various products and services based on technologies of top global vendors in this field. The solutions we offer can be adjusted to meet different user requirements.

The solutions offered

Network security

Network security systems enable protection of a company’s IT resources by detecting and blocking malicious network communication. Network security is typically based on the Next-Generation Firewall devices, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), VPN solutions, Web and E-mail traffic control technologies as well as resource access control. These systems can block traffic towards Command-and-Control centers, block the sending of malicious files, detect network anomalies, and so on.

Application protection

Application protection is done by implementing the ADC (Application Delivery Controller) system within a private or Cloud based Data Center. The first generation of ADC devices performed typical functions like acceleration, application optimization and load distribution. Modern ADC systems support a wider range of functionality, including technologies for improvement of application protection, data and network communications, like WAF (Web Application Firewall), access control, SSL Offloading, etc.

AWS and Azure Cloud Network Security

Cloud platforms like Azure and AWS contain robust network infrastructure to support virtual servers, applications and services. The goal of network security solutions in the Cloud environment is to limit the access to virtual resources, allowing it to authorized users and devices only, as well as to detect and block the malicious network communication. The key logical points for network traffic control are between the resources in the Cloud, between Cloud resources and resources on the company’s network infrastructure, as well as Internet access of the Cloud resources.