Virtualization is any company’s first step towards building a cloud environment. This technology represents a milestone in the IT universe and offers an alternative to the traditional understanding of an IT infrastructure. Using the best products for virtualization, made by the leading companies in this field, VMware and Citrix, MDS offers companies an opportunity to build their own cloud infrastructure.

Offered solutions:

MDS offers a wide range of virtualization solutions that cover all company IT segments such as:
  • Virtualization of server infrastructure
  • Virtualization of desktop environment
  • Virtualization of applications

Advantages of MDS solutions:

Some critical advantages of the virtualization solutions offered by MDS include:
  • Physical space savings in the Data Center
  • Savings on electricity and cooling
  • More efficient utilization of the existing resources
  • Very simple system scaling
  • Simple management of environment
  • High availability of services and applications

Why MDS?

  • A highly experienced team of engineers with long-standing experience in the implementation of virtualization solutions.
  • A long list of successfully completed virtualization projects delivered to financial institutions, public sector agencies, enterprises, and telecommunications providers