The accelerated development and increase in complexity of computer networks and services the network is supposed to support require implementation of effective solutions for surveillance and management of the network and services. In modern computer networks, the surveillance and management process implies:

  • Management of the network, which includes network planning and design, commissioning and maintenance, maintenance of records of network elements, and management of data transferred through the network.
  • Management of services, which includes planning and development, configuration, service quality management, diagnostics and resolution of problems in service exploitation, and tariffing.

Besides traditional management of the network and network elements, implementation and management of services the network should provide are increasingly emphasized. For that purpose, provisioning tools and systems are developed that ensure automatization of planning, implementation and surveillance phases, and management of individual types of services.

Using intelligent mechanisms for configuration of network devices, along with the correlation of the used network resources, the provisioning tools largely simplify activation of new services in the network and their surveillance, which makes them an irreplaceable component of the management system in the Service Provider environment.

Implementation of the complete solution of management of the network and services most often requires use of different software tools that accomplish various aspects of surveillance and management and their integration with the purpose of creating a single, centralized system.

MDS offers a wide range of tools intended primarily for the management of networks based on network devices of different manufacturers. Tools are based on open standards, with modular architecture and standard interfaces for integration with other components and systems.