Cloud and managed services

Cloud Computing is a field of computing where information services (e.g. services, hardware equipment, software applications, databases, images, video, etc.) are delivered to users via the Internet. Treating IT as services represents the essence of this technology.

By using clouds, there is no need for costly infrastructure, the demand for hardware is reduced to minimum and you can access the necessary documents from anywhere, at any time, using various types of devices (PC, tablet, mobile phone).

Unlike the standard concept of business operation, the applications we use are in a cloud and accessed via a web browser. The services provided are easily measurable and optimized to end users.

Cisco Cloud Services:

Managed services represent ICT and services customized to the customer needs. These services remove the need of infrastructure investment for companies, giving them the ability to concetrate on their core activities.The care of services and equipment is done by MDS.

MDS Managed Services: