Application software

Although MDS is renowned as a company dealing with network engineering, since its establishment the software team of MDS has worked on development of different software products and solutions tailored to customer requirements. SW team develops continually and implements different ERP applications, adjusted to different types of companies as well as the needs of the operations of MDS (local ERP, Help Desk, Service Management, Network monitoring, Virtual LAB provisioning, etc.). As a part of the team for the system integration of networks, the SW team develops solutions for monitoring of the network systems, applications for analysis of logs, tools for reporting and analysis of the network traffic and many others.

Offered solutions:

MDS Orchestration tools

With the MDS Orchestration tools, companies can very easily manage their virtual infrastructure with the minimum need for expert staff. Automated setting of the network, IP telephony, servers and the operational systems is enabled with only a few clicks.

The user is enabled access to the private portal, where they will have a complete real time view of the virtual infrastructure with enabled granular settings by the access privileges.

Centralized management of the overall infrastructure in real time will enable your company to respond quickly to changes and save costs, whereas the modularly created system will ensure easy expansibility with new opportunities:

  • Easy creation, modification and monitoring of virtual machines, servers and hosts
  • Configuration of the network equipment including Cisco Nexus 1000V as well as Cisco ASA 1000V
  • Integration with the Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) tool
  • Automated installation of OS and setting of the network and application parameters with only a few clicks

MDS MeetMe ConfSuite

The MDS ConfSuite application organizes scheduling and controlled access to MeetMe conferences in a centralized manner. Productivity, effectiveness and security of information exchange within the company is raised to the highest level because now users have reports on realized and future conferences in one place, without any assistance from the administrator.

  • The MDS ConfSuite application provides an overview of the held, currently being held and planned conferences through a personal calendar.
  • The application from the personal calendar informs via Mail all participants in the conference about the scheduled time of the conference and the parameters of personal access – PIN.
  • Authentication of participants is made using one and the same company IVR number.
  • Participants have the option to integrate the reminder for the scheduled conference into their personal calendar
  • Access of users to the ConfSuite application is enabled using the domain user name and password
  • MDS ConfSuite shows all information about the organized conferences:
    • Phone number of participants in the conference;
    • Time of the conference;
    • Voice record of the participants in the conference.
  • Automated opening of conferences by mobile users is enabled

MDS PhoneLock

The MDS PhoneLock application enables controlled access to Cisco IP Phones. Daily concerns related to the use of IP Phones are alleviated with the implementation of this application, and employees can be sure that their IP Phones are not used without their knowledge.

  • When this application has been implemented, when the phone is locked, only calls to emergency service phone numbers are allowed
  • Access to the application is enabled through a service on the IP Phone
  • Access to the application is also enabled through the WEB service
  • Authentication of users is made according to the user PIN
  • There are two options regarding the manner in which the IP phone is locked:
    • Automatic lock: In the period from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., the IP Phone is unlocked, whereas  outside of that time, the IP Phone is locked
    • Manual – Using the service optionally

MDS TAC (Technical Assistant Centre)

24x7x365 Help Desk system for the opening, monitoring, resolving and closing of the user Tickets related to possible irregularities in the operation of the IT systems (network, computers, programs, storage systems, etc.). Users can open the Ticket using a dedicated Web station or via a phone call to the MDS TAC Contact Center. The tickets are generated and recorded automatically in the Ticket base regardless of the manner of opening of a Ticket (via phone or the Web), and at the same time, relevant SMS and Email notification messages are generated and sent to the user and the on-duty TAC engineer. In case of opening of a Ticket through a phone call (only for serious and urgent problems), the user’s call is automatically forwarded to the mobile phone of the on-duty TAC engineer.

MDS TAC is a very complex application that accompanies all maintenance contracts with all customers and covers the complete individual equipment that is the subject of maintenance (more than 100,000 units of equipment), user accounts per client, schedule of duty of TAC engineers, RMA logs, proactive monitoring of the SLA parameters and the accompanying KPI analysis of success of resolution of Tickets, etc.



Application for monitoring of IP Phone Traffic. The application generates corresponding detailed reports on all types of phone traffic (outgoing and incoming calls, calls towards landline and mobile phone networks). The application is adapted for the Cisco IP Telephony CDR base as well as for the current tariff system of Telekom Srbija, since the application calculates the costs of any individual call within reports on the calls. Using this application, managers have available the complete “listing” of all calls with the cost for each individual employee.

MDS AttendantConsole

MDS Attendant console is a software that represents simplified Cisco Unified Attendant Console Standard application. It intended to be elegant solution for operator to receve and transfer all incoming calls.

Through simple WEB interface, the application offers full control of physical Cisco IP phone. It also offers efficient processing of incoming calls (pick-up, end call, transfer).