Services and Solutions

Services provided by MDS are directed towards accomplishing specific customer goals – implementation or reorganization of the network infrastructure, realization of new services, establishment and expansion of the Data Center environment, optimization, analysis of the status of the network infrastructure and the protection system and proposals for improvement, introduction of IP Telephony and collaboration services, maintenance of equipment and education.

The expert team of MDS carefully analyzes customer requests, business goals and the status of the existing infrastructure and then uses adequate technological solutions and customizes them in order to meet customer requests in the most efficient manner. Bearing in mind that the true balance between the business and the technical goals should necessarily be found, specific solutions are designed through interaction with the customer, often over a few iterations.

The solutions we propose are based on products and recommendations of the world’s leading producers from various technological areas – network and Data Center infrastructure, protection systems (Internet segment, Data Center and data bases, Web/MAIL, protection of workstations, examination of the systems’ weaknesses), collaboration and IP Telephony, Application Services, virtualization.

The solutions of the MDS expert team are characteristically described in corresponding documents such as technical solutions, conceptual and execution designs, implementation or migration plans, documentation of the current status, etc. Furthermore, management of the design and implementation processes is carried out with a view towards control of project duration and costs and minimizing of possible risks.