Services are activities and organizational suppositions undertaken with the purpose of maintaining the functionality of the computer network according to the required conditions. Basic services include:

Center for acceptance, forwarding and archiving of calls. Reporting of defects and/or problems in network operation is processed centrally through the user web interface on the web page of MDS. Alternative methods of problem reporting may be individually agreed. The user’s responsible persons can report a problem, with a brief description, upon which a case is opened for them. The reports are forwarded to the person responsible for the concerned segment and archiving of the report is made along with the dispatch of a receipt for the received report. Within the time provided for the level of acuteness of the reported problem, an engineer specialized in such problems contacts the problem reporting person. Further communication during work on the case is implemented through this center, and if that is not possible, information on the activities that have been performed are entered subsequently for archiving. The user is enabled insight regarding the status of open cases through enquiry in the base or regular email notification. Moreover, the user is able to review the archive of closed cases. This service is a precondition for the provision of other services.

  • Remote technical support service. This service implies activities of the Second and the Third Levels of Support without presence of a support team at the user’s site.
  • Spare part provision service. This service involves maintenance of a spare part stock for maintenance of the computer network. Storage of spare parts is implemented at the site of MDS, whereas the delivery to the User’s site or installation of parts can be accomplished by agreement.
  • Technical support service at the User’s site. This service implies activities of the Second and the Third Levels of Support that can be performed remotely or at the user’s site, which inter alia implies installation of spare parts at the user’s site, in line with the spare part provision model (MDS service, or the user itself, maintains the spare part stock).
  • Replacement of malfunctioning devices/ modules. This service implies replacement of devices or parts, the necessity of which MDS has established in the process of detecting the causes of a problem. MDS ensures dispatch of functioning replacement devices or modules to the user’s site and notifies the user about this, and the user sends back the malfunctioning devices/modules to MDS.
  • Engineering assistance system. Implementation of this service implies engagement of an MDS engineer team for activities that are not covered by the computer network maintenance services. Activities within the engineering assistance system can take place at the user’s site or remotely. This service ensures definition of problems through exploitation of the user’s network and analysis and prediction of any possible problems (preventive maintenance). This service is defined on the basis of the number of days of engineering service for a specific period of time.