Service guarantee

Service warranties define the criterion for assessment of quality of the provided service. For services that directly influence protection of functionality of the computer network: services of remote technical support, technical support at the user’s site, provision of spare part service, and replacement of malfunctioning devices/modules, term guarantees apply. Generally, service warranties can differ depending on the problem priority level.

Time of response The interval starts at the time of acceptance of a request at the Technical Assistance Center and ends at the point when a qualified person has provided the requested service or contacted the user. Time of network recovery Time period in which functionality of the network is reestablished, upon a report of malfunction/problem. If the spare part provision service is necessary for recovery of the network, use of adequate parts that are not necessarily identical to the parts to be replaced is allowed. Time of problem resolution Time period in which a status that can be regarded as a final solution of the network malfunction/problem is established, upon a report of malfunction/problem. If the spare part provision service is engaged as a solution, this implies replacement with identical parts or parts approved as acceptable by the user. In case of the spare part provision service, or replacement of malfunctioning modules/devices, resolution means that the spare part, i.e. the replacement device/module, is made available to the user in the manner provided for in the Agreement.