Client Support

The MDS Technical Assistance Center is located in Belgrade. It has a call acceptance and archiving center that a customer can contact via landline, mobile telephone, e-mail, telefax, and/or the web page on the public Internet network. The working hours of the Call Center are adjusted to the type of service and may be 24 hours x 365 days/year. MDS provides different services through the Technical Assistance Center that are described further on. MDS has a technical team whose profile covers various specializations: from computer networks for data transfer and networks with integrated services (information, voice, video) to complex IT solutions (Data Centers, storage, visualization, security). The Technical Assistance Center staff boasts the adequate certificates and specializations verified by manufacturers of equipment (Cisco, Citrix, VMWare, EMC, IBM, Imperva, OneAccess (Telindus), QuesCom, Panduit). Equipment for laboratory simulation of complex problems is available on the site of the Technical Assistance Center. We have a stock of spare parts and a vehicle pool for interventions at the customer’s site.

The MDS Technical Assistance Center fully relies on technical support centers of the manufacturers of equipment. The following services are available to MDS through these agreements:

  • 24/7 access to the Technical Assistance Centre for the third level of support;
  • Access to libraries of innovation software and software upgrades;
  • Access to the manufacturer’s web site for registered users;
  • Right to replacement of malfunctioning hardware.