About Us

MDS informatički inženjering is a pioneer in the creation and development of the IT market in the former Yugoslav areas. The project planning and implementation process is reflected through the design, delivery of equipment, implementation of solutions, training and 24-hour support.

Its forty-five years of operation and continuing improvement make MDS a recognizable home brand with the vision of advancing the level of services to its customers.

The company comprises a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals who exert all their efforts towards offering their customers adequate solutions and services from various areas of information and communication technologies. The engineers’ knowledge, experience and certificates are what distinguish MDS from other companies in this business.

Over the years, MDS has operated successfully and accomplished its goals related to the meeting of end-user requirements and establishing mutual partner relations. The seat of the company is in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia.

  • Established: 1969
  • Primary activity: Communication engineering
  • Specializations: ICT solutions, ICT professional services, ICT consulting, Training and education
  • Total employees: >50
  • Organizational units: Sales and Marketing, Communication Engineering, Software Service, Technical Support Service, Financial Service, General Administrative Service
  • Company seat: Belgrade
  • Business units: Novi Sad and Podgorica (Republic of Montenegro)

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Company profile